Ruian Hongshan Auto Parts Co., Ltd.
    Ruian Hongshan Auto Parts Co., Ltd. is a company focusing on the production and processing of hardware wrench, vehicle ashtray, vehicle beverage rack, vehicle steering wheel opening aid, vehicle antenna, vehicle gear head, vehicle pedal, valve cap cover, fuel tank cover and other products. The company has a quality management system, with assured product quality, diversified varieties and reasonable price. The company has more than ten years of product manufacturing experience. It can design and develop new products according to customer needs, samples or data provided.
    Based on the tenet of "survival by quality and development by reputation", the company cooperates with supporting manufacturers. New and old friends are welcome to visit, guide and business negotiation.
Strength witnesses glory and quality creates brilliance.
The company focuses on quality excellence and creative unique auto parts products, which are trustworthy. Sweat and wisdom witness the footsteps of yesterday's struggle, passion and dream to achieve today's victory. On the stage of market economy, we are determined to make progress, pioneer and innovate, and practice the values of innovation, creativity and enjoyment in pursuit of pragmatism and excellence. We have won endless praises and won a lot of glory.
Honor is not only a kind of culture, but also an intangible asset for enterprises. Enterprise honor is an award and praise from the society and the public, and an important manifestation of brand reputation.
  "Survival by Quality & Development by Technology."
  "Solid Foundation, Continuous Innovation, Consistent Improvement,Leading Market." The word of "quality" has been deeply carved onevery staff member's heart as long as he entered into our company.
  Hence, every staff member grasps every detail in production to provide customers with quality products.
  During the process of our development, we have developed from quality-efficiency type to quality-scale-efficiency type. Our quality awareness has extended from products to work, productivity, work style and service, forming the business concept of "Quality Is the Starting Point of Value and Dignity."